Friday, 31 May 2013


Here is some collection of men's street style, Feel awesome and more great idea in fashion for men

Beachwear from Okun

More beachwear collection from Okun

On Brighton Street

It's a simple dress style

Punk rock chic attack Bournemouth

Look at his shoes, are you sure it's a perfect style?

London Boy Style, simple but perfect

Look at his hair style, t-shirt, and pants, do not forget about he's shoes. 
It's a perfect style

It's Korean Style not London Style

Korean Boy Style

Korean Boy Style

I am so sorry, it's a bad Korean Boy Style not a London Boy Style. 
Even a street boy will not dress-up like him

A Korean Boy using Boy London Shirt's

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Leebo Freeman on London Fashion Week

Leebo Freeman is the most talent new boy in London Fashion Week. He have good talent in fashion, i mean: man in catwalk. Watch this video and you will know more about him.

Do you know Leebo Freeman?

Yes, he is a new comer with good talent. He have what fashion world needed. Nice face and body, good talent, and have good dream. 

Leebo Freeman Photos

Leebo Freeman

Leebo Freeman

Leebo Freeman on London Fashion Week

Half nautical with blue shorts and boat shoes

Take a look this one. I am so sure enough this style is more powerful than the last post. I just want to show to you  most of London boy are style like this:

Do not ask me who's the name of that boy. Cause if you need it i will not give to you. Just kidding buddy. 

Blazer? Yes, blazer with short boats is good combination. Are you sure want to use sock? Probably it's not my recommendation. Many boys are using short sock, cause they did not want to show to you if he use sock. 

My opinion:
  • Please choose what type of shoes you wanna use
  • Make sure blazer color and your shorts are match, not dot make a research if you do not sure enough.
  • 100% color is everything
  • Casual shoes is highly recommended.

Skinny Jeans and T graphic bold make you keep cold or hot

Skinny jeans clothing is hot, i mean you look awesome when wear this clothing, but remember do not use this jeans if you not sure about your shoes? Really? I am serious. No many boy in this world wear sport shoes with skinny jeans.

This cloth is more than just awesome. My suggestion for some boy:
  • Use sport watch if you are want to look awesome in front of your girlfriend, do not use Rolex cause you will look so ugly
  • Clinical hair style not in my list
  • Are you ready enough for style like this?
I want to know, what is your opinion about this style?