Sunday, 26 May 2013

Half nautical with blue shorts and boat shoes

Take a look this one. I am so sure enough this style is more powerful than the last post. I just want to show to you  most of London boy are style like this:

Do not ask me who's the name of that boy. Cause if you need it i will not give to you. Just kidding buddy. 

Blazer? Yes, blazer with short boats is good combination. Are you sure want to use sock? Probably it's not my recommendation. Many boys are using short sock, cause they did not want to show to you if he use sock. 

My opinion:
  • Please choose what type of shoes you wanna use
  • Make sure blazer color and your shorts are match, not dot make a research if you do not sure enough.
  • 100% color is everything
  • Casual shoes is highly recommended.

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